All summer we sail two daily tours every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (See timetable) from Langør Harbor.

The trip goes to the islands east of Samsø: Vejrø, Kyholm,Besser Reef and Lindholm.

At the stone reef "Bosserne" (The Bosses) we stop to admire the many seals in the reserve. Seals are curious and they can get quite close to the ship.

Off the coast of Kyholm, Skipper talks about the creation of the unique natural surroundings, the island's exciting history as a quarantine station and more.

In the unique waters there are plenty of seabirds and very often also guinea pigs.

The trip lasts approx. 2.5 hours.

The voyage is carried out by a minimum of 5 passengers.

Dogs, prams and bicycles are included in the space available: Free!